Make Simple Changes And Get The Most Out Of Life


Here are some testimonials of those helped by Jess Keane Nutrition in Cork & Dungarvan, Waterford.

Client experiencing burping, heartburn, bloating after eating, sense of excessive fullness after meals, stomach pain and lack of appetite in the morning: “I didn’t expect that only 6 changes to my diet and a few supplements could sort out all my problems in three weeks. Thank you Jess”
MR, Waterford

After 8 months of illness and numerous tests I decided to call Jess to find out how nutrition might help to ease or even eliminate colitis  I wanted to feel well again and to regain my energy. Jess gave me a food plan that was structured and tailored to meet my specific needs. The manner in which Jess conducted the consultation gave me the confidence and inspiration to thoroughly follow the diet that she recommended for me. Her suggestions focused on foods that I could eat, rather than those I should not eat, and was most beneficial. I would recommend Jess to anyone – she was approachable, friendly and I felt very relaxed in her company.
Anon, Waterford.

I was depressed, constipated, bloated and really tired and didn’t want to feel that way any longer. The consultations were educational, the benefits outlined, but the change had to come from myself, rather then be imposed. The goals set were clear and achievable. I would definitely recommend this service. It does what it says on the tin!
Anon, Cork.

Jess had been recommended to me by a friend who said she may be able to help with my constipation, which I had been suffering with all my life, and more recently I had been diagnosed with diverticulitis and IBS. Over the years I had used all sorts of products to relief the constipation but my body seemed to get used to the products and I would be back where I started. After a consultation with Jess I was given some simple diet and lifestyle changes – nothing too complicated, which was great. My cholesterol was high and I had been struggling to lose weight since the birth of my last child so she suggested that I do a full thyroid test. She also took into account the health problems in the rest of the family and suggested that I get tested for gluten sensitivity or coeliac disease. To my relief it turned out that I don’t have coeliac disease but I am gluten intolerant and my thyroid wasn’t working as quickly as it should. If anyone has tried to avoid gluten they will know it is in everything! At first it seemed too much to ask to avoid all these foods but actually Jess showed me how many foods I could eat, so that I didn’t feel deprived – something that’s very important to me :-). I follow this new plan most of the time and rarely have any constipation, bloating and pain. I know my triggers and avoid them as much as possible. I took a supplement to support my thyroid hormone metabolism and definitely noticed that my energy levels improved, and with that, a flatter belly. 🙂 I’m extremely happy, full of life and pain-free. I would definitely recommend Jess to anyone with stomach problems.
MK, Waterford.

A year and a half ago I started to experience excruciating pains in my feet and hands.  I was passed back and forth for tests and eventually I was diagnosed with arthritis. I didn’t want to take medications and so went to Jess to discuss whether changing my diet could help.  Jess was easy to talk to and we discussed my health in detail. Jess said that burping and bloating was a sign that my digestion wasn’t working properly and it might be contributing to my joint pains. We decided to do an Intestinal Permeability urine test to see if this was the case. It turned out I had Leaky Gut, which meant that my diet was triggering my immune system, causing the inflammation is my joints. I removed foods from my diet that caused inflammation, I rotated my diet so that I was always eating fresh, different foods every day and I took 3 supplements to repair my digestion. The initial changes were difficult to put into place but Jess gave me detailed instructions, was always on the end of an email and gave me access to some delicious recipes to help make the changes. I have learnt so much from her.  Within 3 months the pains had reduced hugely and now 6 months on I am symptom free. I noticed when I eat certain foods that the arthritis flares, so I avoid them most of the time. I am back walking and full of energy. I can’t thank Jess enough and recommend her to all my friends.”
Anon, Waterford.

I have struggled with acne-prone skin for a number of years and felt like I had tried everything without success, with my wedding months away I was desperate to to something positive to help my skin. Working with Jess helped me realise that with changes to my diet and stress management I could improve my skin without the use of harsh topical creams or medication. Jess especially helped me to consider the impact of stress on my health. Jess has been a great support, always there to answer questions and provide detailed and practical advice. With just weeks to go until my wedding day I now feel, healthy, happy and have much clearer skin. Thank you Jess!
RC, Cork.

Since seeing Jess in March this year I feel so much better. After months of feeling awful, irritable, tired and bloated and having bad mood swings, following a hysterectomy last summer, my gynae recommended I take HRT for my symptoms. I really didn’t want to go down this road so I went to Jess and she was brilliant. I found her lovely warm and approachable and her nutritional advice was brilliant simple and very effective. She swiftly and confidently got me back on track and the recipes are gorgeous. I would highly recommend Jess.
BF, Waterford.

I took my 2 years old son to Jess as he was suffering from chronic constipation. I thought I had tried everything but one session with jess and she had him all sorted. It is such a relief for the poor boy not to be suffering anymore – thank you Jess!!!
AM, Cork.

Having lost 3 stone in time for my wedding I decided that this time, after a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I was going to keep the weight off.My biggest problem has always been my fondness for sweet foods, my lack of knowledge about nutrition and my fast-paced life which calls for convenience. As a marketing professional I lead a sedentary life but I had started to incorporate exercise and found it gave me a great buzz so I thought, if I feel this good from exercise, how will I feel when I’m eating right? So, I’d decided to do something about it.

I had heard great things about Jess and having known her through a business network I plucked up the courage to ask her for help. Jess was really approachable, I felt comfortable talking to her. Prior to our first meeting, I filled in an extensive questionnaire about my eating habits, lifestyle and health. I didn’t know what to expect from the first consultation but Jess put me completely at ease. I was half afraid to tell her about my eating habits as they were so bad but Jess was such a relaxing presence I felt completely at ease and in safe hands throughout the process. She worked through the questionnaire with me and was able to identify some digestive issues, the whole process was very easy and practical. Jess was then able to tailor a plan for me and, as she had spent so much time getting to know me and my lifestyle, it was a perfect fit for me and I was able to implement it very easily. Jess was also able to give me advice on how I could incorporate some of the ‘bad’ foods that I love into my diet, she directed me to keep a food diary and take some supplements for my particular digestive issues. The ongoing support service is fantastic and means that you never feel alone in trying to achieve your goals.

I would have no hesitation recommending Jess to anyone, her approach is relaxed, friendly, professional and practical. She is very easy to talk to, which is hugely important when you’re dealing with something as personal as diet and lifestyle. I have a new lease of life since I started eating properly, I have bags of energy and feel great. I’ve kept the weight off and have even lost a little more, which has given me confidence and motivation to continue. They say you are what you eat and thanks to Jess’ knowledge and personal service I can happily say I eventually know what that means!
MD, Waterford.

Gall bladder removal: “I’d just like to say thanks so much for all your help over the year I really feel your advice has helped me return to full health.
JK, Waterford.

For a number of years I have suffered from depression and insomnia and taken a long list of medications to help me deal with it. My physio suggested that I talk to Jess to see if there was anything nutrition could do to help me sleep better. Jess gave me some very simple ideas on how to change my diet. I now have a restful 7 hours sleep, wake feeling refreshed and energised, and as a result I am in a better place to deal with the stresses in my life. I am very grateful to Jess and would happily recommend her service.
AB, Cork.

For the past 25 years my weight has been slowly creeping up. I have tried many weight loss diets. They have either been unsuccessful or the weight has piled back on as soon as I finished the diet. I would crave sweet foods knowing they were not good for me or my waist. It was a horrible daily struggle. By the time I went to see Jess in March 2009, I had no energy, daily activities were a serious chore and my weight was getting me down. Jess clearly explained what was happening in my body to cause the cravings. She explained how ignoring my food allergies and not dealing with stresses in my life would affect my weight. She gave me an example food plan for three days, a list of foods to choose from and recommended a few supplements. She shifted my focus to all the foods that I could eat rather than those to avoid. The food plan didn’t feel like a diet at all. In fact, I now eat five times a day. The food is tasty and extremely satisfying. I’ve lost three stone since the beginning of the year. Everyone now comments on how well I look. I have much more energy and confidence. A high-point in the year was being able to look and feel great for my son’s wedding and everyday life is so much easier. To anyone feeling below par or looking to improve their health, I would strongly recommend visiting Jess.
IS, Cork.

I loved Jess’s holistic approach to nutrition. Jess was excellent at explaining why she recommended certain courses of action. I found Jess’s help invaluable in getting my nutritional needs on track. I am now feeling so much better in myself and energised. I would not have achieved this without Jess’s support and advice. I am very grateful to Jess and will continue to recommend her to my family and friends.
EP, Waterford.

I had suffered from constant stomach discomfort, heartburn and indigestion for many years when I decided to seek help. Jess helped me quickly overcome these problems with very practical changes to my diet and lifestyle which were not obvious to me before. Thechanges I have made are easy to maintain and had an extremely beneficial affect on my overall well being as well as fixing my stomach problems.
IM, Dublin.