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Stool Test for Bacteria, Yeast or Parasites

Here is a short summary of the wealth of information you can get from this stool test for bacteria, yeast or parasites:

This simple, non-invasive stool test looks at the level of good and bad bacteria in the gut, the level of yeasts, such as Candida and the level of parasites. The test also gives information about your metabolism, ability to produce digestive enzymes, ability to digest and absorb fat and whether your gut is inflamed. 

If overgrowth of bacteria, yeast or parasite is found, the results will also report whether the microbe is sensitive to a range of both natural and prescribed antibiotic or anti-fungal agents. This focuses the nutrition plan, increases the effectiveness of the eradication plan and saves money on supplements or medications. The test also gives information about metabolism, inflammation and immune health of the gut, level of digestive enzymes and ability to digest and absorb fat.

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