Nutrition for IBS, Reflux and Bloated Stomach Relief


What Is Considered ‘Normal’?

A bowel movement should be regular, effortless, good size (think banana!), soft, brown, fairly inoffensive, and without blood or mucous.  You should experience at least one complete clearance in a 24 hour period.  Apart from the odd piece of undigested corn (maize) or nuts and seeds, you should not notice any food particles in the eliminated stool.  Food should pass through the gut in about 24-48 hours.  If food stays in the gut too long it ferments, creating toxic substances.  You can monitor your gut transit time by eating some beetroot (for the purple colouring) or sweetcorn, which is poorly digested.


Infrequent, strained bowel movements of hard, pellet-like, dark stool may indicate that you are constipated.  This is often accompanied by the feelings of bloating and sluggishness, not to mention pain and foul smelling wind, which is embarrassing to deal with in social settings.  Let’s face it, you don’t feel slim and attractive like this.  So our main priority is to establish the cause and to help you find relief.

Some causes of constipation include:

Stool, saliva or food intolerance tests are available from Jess Keane Nutrition that can be used to give a better understanding of what may be the cause of the constipation.

Flatulence and Diarrhoea

Excessive gas or wind can also cause noticeable bloating in the abdomen and is sometimes accompanied by pain.   Gas is produced in the digestive tract by bacteria which ‘feed on’ poorly digested foods or carbohydrate rich meals.  Individuals who experience diarrhoea sometimes also report episodes of excessive and/or foul smelling flatulence.  This can be very embarrassing in a social setting.  These symptoms need further investigation to identify which of the following is the root cause.

Root Causes of Diarrhoea or Flatulence:

Fluctuation of bowel movements between constipation and diarrhoea is often associated with some of the above.  Addressing these embarrassing symptoms and restoring good digestive health is fundamental to putting a spring back in your step.  To pinpoint the exact root cause Jess Keane Nutrition uses non-invasive testing.