Nutrition for IBS, Reflux and Bloated Stomach Relief

Bloated Stomach (Bloating)

The most common digestive complaints are pain and bloating of the stomach.  Many patients simply go home with a diagnosis of IBS and are none the wiser as to why their symptoms continue to be expressed. Bloating is an early warning signal that your digestion is not working at its best.  If left unchecked, poor digestion can lead to more serious health problems in later years.

The Underlying Causes of Bloated Stomach may be:

Getting Relief from Bloated Stomach

By asking questions about your lifestyle and diet, and if necessary, carrying out a non-invasive home test Jess Keane Nutrition can pinpoint the root cause of your digestive issues and start to formulate a pro-active plan to help you get relief. Start feel slimmer and full of vitality today.